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  • Why 31? I thought that there were 30 men?
    • Correct, there were 30 US men KIA in this tragedy, but there was also one highly trained & heroic working dog that we would like to honor as well.
  • What about the men that were not SEALs? Will this benefit their families?
    • Yes. We will be working with the Navy SEAL Foundation to ensure that the funds received from this event will benefit all families affected. For non-SEAL families funds may be routed through additional like-minded organizations & individual family funds to help us to do so. As soon as we know which additional organizations we are working with, they will be listed on the website.
  • Do I HAVE to do the workout at a CrossFit affiliate?/I don’t have a CF affiliate, etc.
    • You do not have to go to a CF gym, be a CF gym, etc. All are welcomed and encouraged to join us in honoring our fallen heroes. Don’t have a gym? Just get friends together and get after it!
  • Do I have to do CrossFit to be able to complete the workout?
    • In the same fashion of any CrossFit WOD, the workout will be scalable and can be adjusted to any person’s fitness level. The point is that you are doing something, anything to honor the heroes. Not comfortable with the workout? Go for a run, climb a rock, row a boat, etc! Do something you love & do it Saturday September 3rd in honor of our heroes.
  • I don’t have an affiliate, but have a group of people. What do we do about shirts?
    • To limit shipping costs, we ask that you specify one person for all shirts to be mailed to. List this person’s name under CF affiliate on the registration for.
  • I’m a hosting affiliate. How do I know who’s coming to my event?
    • It is your responsibility to host, invite, and hold RSVPs for your specific event. We are happy to list your location on the website, but are not collecting information from registrants on who is attending which location.
  • I’m an affiliate. When the shirts come how will I know which shirt belongs to who? 
    • There will be a list including names, sizes, & emails, for your easy disbursement.
  • How are the shirts sized?
    • The shirts are men’s Next Level 100% cotton & fit fairly true to size.
  • I just want a t-shirt. I don’t want to do the workout.
    • Currently we are not taking shirt orders, but will again in the near future. Please check back soon!
  • Do you have a widget for my website?

If there is a question we missed, please email us at the address above and we will get back to you asap. Thanks!

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